Engel Entertainment, the production company responsible for the reality TV show, 'North Woods Law,' is about to begin filming in New Hampshire after a four year relationship with the Maine Warden Service ended.

It's not completely clear exactly what caused the end of the relationship between Engel Entertainment and the Maine Warden Service, but Maine Public Broadcasting mentions a report in the Portland Press Herald where they suggest that the cameras could play a part in influencing the wardens to respond a certain way, perhaps to make the show more exciting or to give a positive outlook on their operations.

They are talking about a poaching sting operation that was carried out two years ago.

Also, Gov. Paul LePage is claiming responsibility for the show leaving Maine. He told WVOM,

I, quite frankly, was part of being very critical of the show. I didn’t like it. I didn’t think it was giving Maine a good image. And I had more to do with it being canceled than any sting operation.

Anyway, whatever the reason, 'North Woods Law,' will no longer be filmed in Maine and the production company has decided to begin filming in New Hampshire soon.

Don't know if the show will carry the same name or when it will start, but in the near future the 'North Woods Law' cameras will be following the adventures of New Hampshire State wardens.

I really enjoy the show, so I'm pumped that they will be filming in New Hampshire, I'm sure it will be just as exciting and entertaining as Maine has been. There are so many great areas in New Hampshire to film, so this should work out just fine for Engel Entertainment.

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