What is a football party without a comfy recliner and wings?

We know that your favorite team didn't make the Big Game, so we're trying to take the bite out of the loss by giving you a relaxing "RECLINE AND DINE," courtesy of Pete's Bargain Basement, Bubba Frye's and The Shark!

Click here to see this beautiful chair and to find out more details.

Here's what you'll receive from Bubba Frye's:


Just click here to enter to win and to find out more details about this great prize.

Speaking of wings, there's a debate going around as to whether or not boneless chicken should be considered wings.  Maybe there's an expert on the topic that I could talk to from Bubba Frye's, but I don't think boneless chicken wings are wings at all.  They're nuggets.  However, I can see an argument for the other side too.  "Boneless wings" are about the same size, only much more convenient to stuff in your mouth, cleaner and in my opinion, more delicious because you don't have to waste all that marinade on your plate.

Whatever you call them, get ready to relax in your new recliner from Pete's and eat deliciousness from Bubba Frye's.





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