With last night's win, the Red Sox have won 99 games so far this season, clinching the Playoffs!

The big talk before and after the game was Chris Sale on the mound for one inning.  We knew going in that he wasn't going to stay in for very long.  2 innings expected or 40 pitches, whichever came first, but he was out by the first inning.  As one of the announcers pointed out, they counted the pitches in the warm up too, so by the time the first inning ended, the limit was reached.

The game last night had a touching tribute to those who were lost on 9/11/2001, with lots of military present.

There's nothing like a Red Sox win, especially for those who remember the days that we just couldn't win to save our lives.  Some people think this is a slow game, but I love it.  Where else but Fenway can you eat for four hours and get up and dance to Neil Diamond?  Heck, you can even have a beer or two if you mortgage your house!  What a bargain.

I do love game and GO SOX!

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