Tom Caron set us straight today on the cool 'twisty knee dance' that the Sox have been doing lately and then, I completely overreact to newfound Sox hero Brandon Phillips.

This 'twisty knee dance' is a variation of celebration dances that have derived from the video game 'Fortnite'.

The 'L On the Forehead Dance' that I mention on today's Insider Report is featured on the soccer video above, though, true to Tom Caron's word, you won't be able to find the exact dance that The Sox have been performing on any video game, it appears to be an original.

Throughout this entire season, the errors from Rafael Devers at third base have driven me up the proverbial wall.

ENTER Brandon Phillips! The 4 time gold glove infielder cracked a vicious game winning blast in Atlanta and I instantly penciled him in to the starting postseason lineup as 3B.

Tom Caron did not disagree with my way too reactive plan, yet, suggested with subtlety that Eduardo Rodriguez could also aptly play that position come October. THAT'S the kind of cool headed thinking that makes him a terrific Red Sox Insider!

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Detroit Tigers v Boston Red Sox
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