(Durham, NH) - Five UNH alumni will be inducted into the Entrepreneur Hall of Fame next month.

Courtesy Photos: UNH
Bouton                                                      Dwyer                                                          Paul                     Courtesy Photos: UNH

Katie Bouton is founder and CEO of Koya Leadership Partners. M. Christine "Chris" Dwyer is co-owner of RMC Research.  Peter T. Paul is chairman of Headlands Asset Management LLC.

Courtesy photos: UNH
Rondeau                                                                                    Shaw                                      Courtesy photos: UNH

Chris Rondeau was an initial partner and served as CEO of Planet Fitness. David Shaw is a managing partner of Black Point Group.

Selection for the UNH Alumni Entrepreneur Hall of Fame is based upon alumni who have achieved entrepreneurial success and have given back to the community in a meaningful way.

Induction ceremonies are set for October 4th.

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