Who wouldn't want to live here in New Hampshire?  So it's cold, but it's very, very pretty.  The air is clean and we can go to the Mountains or the Ocean with just a short drive away.  There are some people, however, who are moving out of the state and going to live in warmer climates, specifically Florida.  Actually, about 1 in 5 people, according to a report from WMUR.

WMUR's source, Ray the Mover, said they have been very, very busy.  Maybe they need more help?  Could be good if you are looking for a job?  Just a suggestion....

The report also states that there are people from New York City and Boston who are moving to the Mountains of NH.  I would think that the whole state is getting an increased population, not just the Mountains.

Good for our real estate prices here in NH!  Maybe it's time for us to check out that penthouse in NYC that we've always wanted!  The price of those locations have dropped, I'm sure, but not enough for me yet.  Check out this listing for a 2 bedroom, 4 bathroom townhouse in Manhattan for 7.5 million dollars.  I could not live there, no way, no how.  I just couldn't do it!

Here's a view from the balcony:

Realto.com/Mark Blumenfeld/COMPASS
Realto.com/Mark Blumenfeld/COMPASS

Nope.  I don't know.... I guess I'm just a Country Mouse.  Look at the buildings you are looking down on, literally!  Maybe if I were sharing this huge place with my family, then fine.  After all, wherever they are is where my home is.

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