Train and I were discussing the days of the rotary phone today on the show and it made me realize that we may have been saying things that younger people don't know about regarding communications before cell phones were attached to everyone's hip.

As far back as I can remember, we had a rotary phone in the kitchen.  The phone would ring and you wouldn't even know who it was or who the person was calling for.  I know.  How archaic!  Oh, I'm just getting started.

Sometimes, on the fancy phone lines, you could have different phone rings for different people.  Aaron was telling me about when he was at camp, his family had the "Double Ring," and the camp next to him had just one ring.  True story.

Then there were phone lines that you had to SHARE with other people that you didn't even know.  That was horrible.  You'd pick up the phone to make a phone call to your Mother because you needed her to bring home something from the store and the line would already be occupied by others who got there first!

We thought we were really fancy when we got TWO phones, one downstairs and one upstairs.  Somebody could pick up the downstairs phone and you could pick up the extension UPSTAIRS.  Then, you had to pull the cord in to the closet so you could have privacy.  Not too hard because you'd stretch the cord and it wouldn't work for anybody. TRAGIC for a teenage girl!

I gotta say, I like my cell phone better than the ones back in the day.  The only thing is that the "hang up" isn't half as satisfying.


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