A few years ago, and by a few, I mean 1993 - (26 flippin' years ago!!)  I was at another radio station and David Hasselhoff had come out with a song called, "Miracle of Love" that he was bringing around to radio stations across the country.  We thought it would be fun to bring The Hoff to the Fox Run Mall in Newington and have him perform the song in front of our listeners.

We made a huge deal of the whole thing.  I remember broadcasting from the Mall, saying how I couldn't wait to see him and "run my fingers through his chest hair."  After all, the only thing I knew about David Hasselhoff was his acting career on Baywatch.  His chest hair was legendary, was it not?  I can't be alone with this.  ANYWAY, I must have said this a couple times while we were waiting for his arrival at the Mall because when he arrived, via limousine, he got out and exclaimed, "Who's the girl on the radio that wants to run her fingers through my chest hair."  EYOOOO!!!!!  In NO WAY did I have any idea that he, The Hoff Himself, might be listening to the broadcast prior to his arrival.  After I raised my hand in the crowd and said, "That was me, Mr. Hoff...."  He came over to me and opened up his shirt for me to..... run my fingers through his chest hair.  EYOO EYOO EYOO!!!!!  I had no desire to feel said chest hair.  I think I made a gesture toward his manly mane upon his chest, started to laugh and backed away.  Eyoo.  Not that there was anything WRONG with his chest hair, but I was just kidding.  (That should be my epitaph, btw.... "I was just kidding....")

Wendy Larson, one of our incredible Account Executives here at Townsquare Media was with me that day.  She remembers this day, but I'm not sure she got as close to his chest hairs as I did.  Maybe... I'll have to ask her.  Anyway, here's the gem of a song he was trying to get us to play.

The Hoff is currently working on a "heavy metal" record.  Who knows.  Could be the next big hit on The Shaaahk.  Doubtful, but ya nevah know!!


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