One of my favorite shows is North Woods Law.  The show seems to be following me because when I lived in Maine, it was based on Maine Fish & Game and a few years ago when I moved back to my home state of NH, the show moved too and is now based on NH Fish & Game.  I love watching what part of the state they go to because on every show, I've been to almost all of the towns they visit.  It's great!

Sunday's episode, according to NH Fish and Game website, will be a two hour special that will run from 8 - 10pm on Animal Planet, then they will be on their regular time - Sunday nights at 9pm.

I love it when they talk to people that bold-face lie to them.  They know what they are doing and the officers of NH Fish and Game take the viewer step by step how the people they are investigating must be lying.  I love it when they finally get them to tell the truth.  Great show!

If you've never seen it, check out this YouTube video.  The officers in this episode and every episode, are SO NICE to people that are CLEARLY breaking the law.

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