I'm pretty sure this new four-legged comfort dog will be working overtime these days.

Manchester PD have narrowed it down to 5 names for this brand new cuddly pup!  He looks to me like a black lab retriever and here are the choices you have:

Patch - Short for Dispatch.

Amos - Short for Amoskeag

Sam - For Samuel Blodgett who founded Manchester

Harry - For 'Old Harry's Town' in Manchester

Rex - For the Rex Theatre in Manch-Vegas

My favorite is SAM.  Not because of Samuel Blodgett, no offense to him at all, but it's just because I really love the name.  Who doesn't like Sam?!  It's the perfect name for this pooch.

New Hampshire needs another dog to fall in love with ever since we lost Ruby from the NH Fish and Game a few months ago, according to the Union Leader.  Ruby left behind her partner, Lt. Bill Boudreau.  The two patrolled the Southwest Region of NH and were featured frequently on the Animal Planet TV show, "North Woods Law."

I mean, would you just look at this face?  Hi, Sam!  I'm already calling him that.

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