This morning, Stephen A. Smith on ESPN's 'First Take,' said that he's hearing Tom Brady destroyed his cell phone and the 4 game suspension will be upheld. He goes on to say that the decision will be made public within the next 24-48 hours.

Stephen A. Smith adds that the NFL is aware that Brady and his team will sue, but the NFL is not worried, they believe they will win the lawsuit.

I can't believe we are still talking about this, but we are.

We're not even talking about punishment for deflating footballs anymore.

We're talking about Tom Brady not cooperating with the NFL. That's what the 4 game suspension is for, not for violating rules during the AFC Championship game.

So, just say the suspension is upheld and Brady and team file a lawsuit. Brady suits up for the opener and most likely the entire season, and we don't get a decision from the courts on 'deflategate' for another year. If Stephen A. Smith is right, this nonsense is not going to go away anytime soon.

By the way, Brady already reported for camp, 2 days early, he's probably been training harder this off season than any other, watch out NFL.

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