Odds are that at some point throughout the years, you have or will end up moving away from the city or town you consider your childhood home. You may have already done that and moved back, or maybe your move still awaits but it doesn't mean you can't always go back home.

At the end of the day, though, no matter where you end up, the goal/hope/wish/dream is to land somewhere that you truly love -- the neighborhood, the community, the people, the businesses -- everything.

The same way that recently, Reid Amy mentioned the love she has for the city she calls home -- Dover, New Hampshire.

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According to the official website for Dover, New Hampshire, Reid works in the Office of Business Development as a Business Development Specialist. Essentially, Reid's job is to help relocate businesses to Dover, help thriving ones looking to expand, and basically just help local businesses gain strength and become more desirable.

Sure, what Reid does is important. But, truly, it's the pure passion and love for the city she calls home that makes her great at her job. And, quite honestly, it's a love and passion we should all have for where we live, whether it's in Dover, New Hampshire, Portland, Maine, somewhere in between, or nowhere even close.

Recently, Reid penned what is truly a beautiful tribute to not only the City of Dover as a whole, but also the businesses in the community that allow residents or even visitors to feel a sense of warmth and coziness -- more like they're visiting a friend as opposed to walking into an establishment to make a professional transaction.

The tribute was written on her Facebook page but shared multiple times by both current and past residents.

We should all feel so lucky to feel so passionately about where we live.

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