The Rochester Athletics Association City Wide Track Meet was as exciting as ever last night and saw The Gonic School Eagles return to glory as Class M Champs!

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Yes folks, believe it or not, the 4th grade boy you see hoisting the trophy front and center in this photograph is none other than my Nephew Caleb.

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He is very fast and these photos prove that I'm not just embellishing as a proud Uncle. Just look at the lead he had in the 4 x 100 meter relay!

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Unfortunately, this picture of Caleb winning the 50 yard dash looks like I took it from The International Space Station. But even from a mile away you can still see that he was a couple strides from a commanding victory.

Last year East Rochester beat Gonic by ONE POINT and this year Gonic took the trophy back with a Ten Point win. (110-100)

Also, Chamberlain Street School won the Class L division and Nancy Loud School took the Class S trophy home.

Congrats to all the schools and the R.A.A. for putting on a consistently well run and competitive event.