I was extremely saddened to hear of the passing of Karl Krecklow, who for many years served me and thousands of UNH students tasty meals in the middle of the night when we needed them most.

Karl parked his van in the "quad" at UNH most days by 5pm and stayed until he ran out of food, usually not until 3 or 4am, and did so for more than 30 years!

Being a Durham kid, I was turned on to Karl's while in high school, and I don't think a week went by from 1980-1988 that I wasn't standing in line to order a 'Big Guy' (a cheeseburger sub smothered with Velveeta cheese) and snotty fries ( a box of french fries also covered with Velveeta cheese).

Karl always remembered my name and my order which always made me feel welcomed on those nights when I was in line by myself.

He would also remember the topic of our last conversation from a week before, and pick it up right where we left off.

Towards that end...Rest in Peace Karl.

Wherever you are, they will not go hungry, and will not be in need of a friend.

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