Since I am new to Maine, I thought I would take some time and find some things to do here. Well, little did I know that I would find some truly unique places to visit.

Maine is home to some beautiful scenery, mountains and beaches, as well as kind people. There is so much to see, including many romantic spots like bridges and lighthouses.

However, Maine is also home to some very strange places and things.

Imagine taking a drive through Bangor, Maine, and not only seeing horror author Stephen King's house but also driving past a 31-foot statue of a lumberjack. I'm sure that when you think about Maine, you might also think about its greenery. At least I do.

One place, however, will leave you questioning what your eyes are seeing, and what exactly you are walking on.

There is a place in Maine where you will see something very unexpected: a desert.

That's right, sand, and it is not on a beach in Maine.

That's not even all! There are some things in Maine that are just strange and unusual. Not going to lie, even though some of these things are very out of the ordinary, they all have me wanting to venture out and explore.

If you are into the strange and unusual, there are plenty of places for you to visit in Maine. Don't forget to bring your camera to take some photos.

Instead of questioning what exactly you will be driving by or visiting, I have all the information for you about these unique spots. Let's dive in.

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