Four time Super Bowl Champ and part time daredevil Rob Gronkowski just broke a Guinness World Record, and thankfully, didn't break his hands in the process.

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600 Foot Pass Caught From Helicopter

Risking life and limb just for the fun of it?

Whether he's swimming with deadly sharks or, perhaps more dangerous, partying with Tom Brady, outrageous stunts are nothing new for Robert James Gronkowski.

You wouldn't think that the next logical move when discussing the frolics of Gronk would be to break into a physics discussion, but this is something that needs to be done.

I was curious as to just how fast that football was plummeting to the earth so I found a 'free fall calculator' online and ran some numbers.

If the ball was released from the helicopter, strictly as a drop, it would take 6.1 seconds to reach Gronk's hands, hurtling to earth at a blistering 134 miles an hour.

To put this in perspective, the fastest NHL slapshot has been recorded as going as fast as 109 mph.

An NHL puck weighs around six ounces.

An NFL football weighs around 1 pound, almost three times as much.

You'd need half of MIT to calculate the wind resistance of an oblong inflated spheroid while it rotates, but I think the point has been made.

This record should last quite a while.

Even from a marketing standpoint, it's not likely that Guinness is going to remove Gronk from the book because some other random dude is foolish enough to try to make a catch from 610 feet.

When I get my traditional Christmas gift of the record book this year, I know that Number 87 will be there, smiling with his catch that traveled an eighth of a mile!

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