According to a story from Foster's, a Rochester Fire Fighter is fighting a battle he's not used to, but he has a whole community behind him.

Tyler Thurber, a firefighter in Rochester, after a few weeks of not feeling well, was diagnosed with Lymphoma.  He is currently undergoing treatment as Mass General.

To make it a bit easier for Tyler and his family, his aunt has started a fundraiser. Anything you can donate is appreciated, as Tyler will be out of work for a while.

Also, next Sunday, the 26th, firefighters from Rochester are holding a pancake breakfast to help raise money for Tyler and his family.

Firefighters are usually very brave people who literally run in to burning buildings to save people, but this must be a scary time for Tyler and his family.  I know that when my son's father was diagnosed with lymphoma, we were all scared.  I will say that after 14 years, my son's father is in remission and continues to live a healthy life!

All the best to you and your family, Tyler!  You got this!

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