According to a report in Fosters, Rob Gagnon of Rochester has created "I See You," a new initiative to help the homeless in Rochester.

Rob was inspired by the City of Manchester who have started Boxes of Love for the Homeless.  This video shows a little more about the Manchester program and who it helps:


The name "I See You", Rob hopes, will give the receiver the least little bit of hope.  That even though someone may be having a hard time, it doesn't mean that they are not valued.  According to Rob, homeless people have said that's the way they feel sometimes, invisible.

The boxes include blankets, non-perishable items, inspirational sayings and resources for people to get more help beyond the boxes.

If you are able to help, go to their Facebook page and click, "DONATE."  Give whatever you can and it could save someone's life, not to mention give them some dignity and hope.


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