I swear that people from around the world journey to the 30 foot stretch of sidewalk in front of my house to deposit all kinds of refuse, rubbish and recyclables. This year I'm posting about every bit of litter that I find.

Train Images
Train Images

What better way to begin a year of trash than with a healthy option?

You are looking at approximately two and a half sections of ruby red grapefruit.

When I first saw this I thought that it had to be from a toddler snacking as he or she rolled by being pushed in a stroller. But, grapefruit? Nobody under the age of 30 eats grapefruit.

Peeling grapefruit is a tiresome process, why would anyone take all that time and energy and then literally throw a quarter of it away?

This fruit fell into a shallow puddle and is now frozen, stuck to the sidewalk.  I normally pick up all compost such as this and throw it into the garden beds that surround my home.

The grapefruit is now buried under a half foot of snow and I'm sure it will be pulverized by the city sidewalk plow.

Don't worry! I guarantee more litter will be featured soon!

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