The student was found asleep inside of a classroom by a teacher while wearing the ammunition belt around his waist.

Back-to-school Monday turned a little scary in New Hampshire's capital. According to, Concord High School was locked down shortly after 1pm Monday to investigate a report of a student in possession of ammunition belt at the school.

The student, a juvenile was not an immediate threat to those around him. In fact, he was allegedly asleep. Patch reported the student was found sleeping while wearing an ammo belt. The school was quick to react, as their resource officer requested assistance from other officers, and interim Principal Michael Reardon placed the school on lockdown as a precaution. The lock-down was soon lifted as the student, once awakened was cooperative with officers, and taken into custody.

According to the Patch, Franklin Bass, the interim superintendent of the Concord School District, said the belt contained only spent shells. School resumes later that afternoon.




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