After a weekend filled with scorching temps and blazing bats, my nephews finally ended their 30 day trophy drought with an All Star victory in The Noble Youth Baseball Cal Ripken Tourney.

Marsha Lapierre Photo Credit

Rochester Defeats Barrington 13-0 in Tourney Final

It was the hotter the better for Rochester's Roger Allen U 9 All Stars as they went undefeated throughout the weekend in 90 degree heat to ultimately defeat Barrington Tuesday night 13-0.

The rain out on Monday gave everyone involved a nice break to cool off a bit, but thankfully their bats remained red hot and victory was theirs.

The folks at Noble Youth Baseball should be commended for running a smooth tournament that had the compassion and foresight to reschedule many games to earlier starting times that were less brutal on the kids (and the spectators).

Having 8AM ballgames with temps in the mid 70's is far more comfortable than 100 degree sauna ball.

Marsha Lapierre

I have no idea what this celebration pose is called and will have to investigate further.