How cool for this Rollinsford, NH cidery!  North Country Hard Cider has been nominated for Best Cidery from USA Today!

You can vote here once per day from now until Tuesday, March 16th at 12 noon.

The winner will be announced on Friday, March 26.  Let's get them some National recognition!

I love the story of the founders of the cidery.  Silas Gordon, Ronald Dixon and Ivan Gordon are all co-owners.  They were in construction before they founded the cidery and worked very hard with very little money to make this dream come true.  In record time, they got everything up and running that fall.

I am not a beer person, but give me a tart, cold bubbly hard cider on a warm, summer day or maybe a rainy Monday in February and I'm so happy!  The ciders from North Country Hard Cider are made with apples from New Hampshire and Maine and yeast, along with other ingredients and they make a sweet, tart and really beautiful cider.  My favorite of theirs is Fire Starter.  Oooooh..... It's a beautiful cider.  I can't describe this any better than they've done on their website:

Many people have called this cider "warm apple pie" or "fireworks in your mouth". We just call it delicious.  A medium-sweet cider flavored with cinnamon, habanero and pomegranate. Made from New Hampshire and Maine grown apples. 5% ABV

They are not the only place in New England who were nominated:

Downeast Cider House in East Boston was also on the list.

Bantam Cider Company in Somerville is also nominated.  The website says, "Temporarily Closed," so I hope they are coming back!

Citizen Cider in Burlington, Vermont.  This is SUCH a Vermont name for a cidery, isn't it?  It's all about the LOVE in Burlington!

Good luck to them and don't forget to vote!

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