It’s been an eventful time for residents in Somerville, Massachusetts. The same week the city just outside of Boston welcomed Prince William and Kate Middleton, an even more unusual sight has gone viral…

A man calmly walking his robot down the street. Yes, a robot.

Just months after a man in East Boston was captured walking his pet squirrel, photographer Jeff Dickerson captured a man walking just ahead of a large, brown robot following behind him like C3PO.

Picked up by the Only in Boston Instagram account, the clip has racked up almost 5,000 likes and plenty of comments.

Evidently, the man routinely ventures out with the bot, as several other users claimed to see him regularly. One user said there’s a man in Worcester as well, who routinely walks his robot along a river.

A user who goes by the name Jay explained the robots are “personal item carriers,” not yet on the market, but coming soon. And when you put it that way (and I think of how many grocery bags have broken right before arriving home), how soon can I get one?

But if you’re one of these robo-walkers, I still have some questions…

Do you all take your robots to the Bot Park so they can play?

Do you bring a plastic bag with you, in case your dog drops a battery on the sidewalk?

When you go on vacation, does a friend come by to walk your robot (or does another robot do it)?

If it’s too cold to walk, do you keep your robot in shape by placing it on a treadmill?

Since you’re the one walking in front, are you sure your robot isn’t walking you?

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