Well, if you believe what you read on the information superhighway, it looks like Crystal Pepsi will be making a comeback. The people have been heard and soon enough you can once again enjoy the clear soda you loved in the 90's. Or, maybe you hated it, I didn't think it tasted very good, but man did it look cool!

Competitive eater, L.A. Beast, started a movement to bring back the drink in April of 2015. Here is the crazy, disgusting video he made that got Pepsi's attention.

He and his many fans also used social media and billboards to bring attention to the cause and Pepsi got the message. Not only did they get the message, but they responded.


So, it looks like this will actually happen and you will be able to purchase Crystal Pepsi at a store near you. Let's just hope it has a new and improved taste!