This WMTW-TV report covers the controversial new hotline that people can call if they see any local business not following health safety guidelines.

The Sanford Police and York County Community Action Group have set up a phone number for residents to call to report lapses in State mask guidelines if they witness that behavior in specified businesses.

Restaurants, bars, lodging establishments and stores are all included on the list.

Sanford, Maine has seen more than it's share of COVID-19 outbreaks and this controversial step has some of the locals wrestling with the moral dilemma of being a 'Tattle-Tale'.

Two weeks ago, the City Council passed legislation that fines people not wearing masks in these businesses a MINIMUM of $100.

The Sanford City Council unanimously passed an emergency ordinance Thursday night that requires people to wear face coverings in all public places where social distancing is not possible, according to the Portland Press Herald.

The Sanford Police Department will enforce the ordinance, which carries a minimum fine of $100 for anyone who fails to comply. First-time offenders will receive a warning before a fine can be levied. The ordinance takes effect Friday will remain in place for 90 days - Sanford Police Department Facebook Page 
Sanford is just twenty minutes down the road from my house so this literally 'hits home' for me. But even though I've been as careful as possible trying to prevent infection and spread in my personal and professional life, I know that I'd never call that line.
People that don't want to wear masks are NOT going to wear masks. Ratting out a business because they don't have a security force in place literally throwing unmasked people out of it?
It just seems ineffective at best, and at worst, punishes the wrong people.

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