Great news!  A Jamaican/American restaurant is coming to the Mall at Fox Run Food Court in Newington, according to a Facebook post by Renee Renee.


This is the same restaurant that used to be in Sanford, Maine.  One Love Cuisine, formerly of the 207, is headed to Newington.

If you're looking to try something new, check out their menu here.  I'm not sure I would go for the Oxtail, but I'll try anything once.

I called the Mall at Fox Run to see if they could give me an open date and whomever I spoke to on the phone said that they are hoping to open in the first week of April.

People in the comment section of the Facebook post said that they weren't even sure if the Mall was even open.  That is a resounding YES, it's open.

I love the mall.  It represents freedom to me.  Freedom to be with my friends, freedom to spend my own money and freedom to sample really small pieces of chicken in the food court.  I'm not sure that free samples have been a thing during the pandemic, but honestly, I could forever do without those.  I was one of the people who took the tiny bites, but I was always a little skeezed out about it.  I mean, how long has the person handing them out been there?  What about the guy/girl before me?  Did they sneeze before I got there?  So many questions.

Anyway, I am very happy that One Love Cuisine is opening in the Mall.  It is a sign of hope that things are really, truly getting back to normal.

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