Hi.  It's me, Sully.  Or Sarah, whichever you prefer.

I've been gone for a while in the early mornings, and you might be wondering what the heck is going on.

Well, I'm back in the morning, but first, let's go back a bit in time to how we got here, will ya?

April 2018

I had just joined the Shark Morning Show with my amazing partner in crime, Aaron Lapierre.  We were having such fun waking up with you each and every morning.

Of all the videos that we did for you, this was my all-time favorite.  There's only ONE Train.

 March 2020 (Just after the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic)

I didn't know what was going to happen, just like everyone else.

We tried our best to help anyone in need.

September 2021

I don't have to tell you, the pandemic was rough on everyone.  Aaron decided to hang up the headphones and take a job with the U.S. Post Office as a rural route carrier.  He wanted to be a postman for a long time, and he saw the opportunity present itself, so he took it.

What that meant for me was that I wouldn't be waking up as early with you, but you still had me from 10 am on for your workday.  I also had the opportunity to help people get healthier, and that had been very rewarding for a couple of years, but radio, as I like to call it, has always been my true love.

February 2024

And that brings us to the now.

I'm back on The Shark Morning Show!

I'll be waking up with you starting every day at 6 am.  I'm not sure what to call the show yet. "Sarah on the Shark," seems the simplest, but if you have something catchy, lemme know.  "Catch the Shark Weekdays with Sarah?"

I don't know, I'm spitballing here.

I am so very happy to be back with you in the early morning straight through until 2 pm.  Since it's just me in the Shark Tank, I'll have many guests coming in so you don't have to listen to just me jabber on all the time.

We have some very interesting people lined up already!

Aaron and I are still very good friends.  We get together regularly, and he still sits upon his throne of gold, eats, drinks, makes me laugh, and passes the check to me.  It's always worth every penny.

Although he "might" be joining me from time to time on the show, you should know that every time he is, it'll cost me a beer or two at any location he chooses.

It's All for You

The one thing I really want you to know is that The Shark is OUR radio station.  Yup, I'm looking at you Dover, Rochester, Portsmouth, Stratham, Epping, Exeter, Salisbury, etc, etc.

Consider me your local, accessible mouthpiece.  I live here and you do, too, so that makes us the best kind of roommates.  We don't actually have to remind each other to do the dishes when it's our turn.

Cheers, and I'll see you on the radio!

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