It's National Dog Day today.  A day that we celebrate our best friends in the world.

My niece Abby had to say goodbye to her beloved Tiller, a beautiful Golden Doodle, over the weekend.  (They live in Newburyport, hence the sea-faring name of "Tiller.")  Poor boy had a condition that gave him extreme breathing problems and he had a lot of trouble eating.  It was a hard decision, but the doctors said that it was the most humane thing to do to decide to put him down, otherwise, he would have choked to death at any moment.

Tiller was Abby's dog, but he became important in so many other people's lives like my sister and Abby's father, of course.  He even knew his Auntie Sarah very well.  When I came through the door, he recognized me as part of the tribe and knew that I was the one who would throw the toys all around the living room for him to fetch.  I was usually greeted by him, then he would run for his bin of toys, pick out one and bring it to me as if to say, "Okay, time to play, Auntie!"

As hard as it is, we all agree that although we know we will probably out live our pets, it's worth every moment to have their souls in our lives.  They bring joy that most humans just can't do.

We will miss that boy.  Rest easy, Till.

I mentioned a recipe for doggie biscuits on the air today, click here for the full instructions on these easy treats for your pooch.

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