If you get a text from the New Hampshire Department of Transportation the agency says it's scam for one simple reason.

The agency maintains 3,450 mile of roads and highways, clears snow from roads and runs the state Turnpikes. But it doesn't sent texts and has nothing to do with your driver's license.

The NHDOT said they have been alerted about text messages asking them to click a link in order to receive a "Driver's License Waiver Validation." The message includes the NHDOT logo and urges the recipient to respond immediately to a link they will be sent for face verification.

"NHDOT doesn't text and our partners over at NH Department of Safety: DMV handle all things related to driver licensing," the NHDOT said.

Other states have reported similar texts being sent from state agencies including Rhode Island, New Mexico and Wyoming all with one goal: to obtain personal information.

According to an AARP report the texts in Illinois were coming from nearly every state agency some that don't exist like the "Department of Motor Vehicles."

The NHDOT had these suggestions for those receiving the texts:

  • Do not reply to an unsolicited text message from an unfamiliar party.
  • Do not click links from the above.
  • Do not provide money or personal information over phone/email to unknown/unverified parties
Scam text purported to be from the NH DOT.
Scam text purported to be from the NH DOT. (NH Department of Transportation)

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