If you are anything like my cohost, Matt James, you probably have a soft spot for cruising on your hog while exploring the beauty of Maine. Matt is very proud of his trusty companions, a Harley Street Glide and a Honda VTX, but I'm guessing you might have your own prized ride you'd like to show off too!

The thrill of bikes! That unmistakable rumble serves as Maines official "summer has arrived" theme song. For all you motorcycle enthusiasts who can't get enough of Maine's scenic wonders, where does your bike take you?

As for me, I've meticulously poured over the state for the best-of-the-best routes that are perfect for those sunny day trips on two wheels!

Let's get started!

Best routes in Maine to ride your motorcycle

This motorcyclist dream list below is according to 2Wheels,  Viking Bags, and Maines Northwest Mountains.

Now what are you waiting for! Grab your helmet and get going! Vroom vroom!

If you have any more routes to add to this list, let us know!

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