The pandemic has created some really difficult circumstances, it's true, but in some cases, it birthed an opportunity and a dream come true for three Seacoast siblings.

According to an article in the Union Leader, Caitlin McGrath-Levesque, Meghan McGrath and Michael DuPont founded Red's Good Vibes in March of 2020, right when the pandemic hit hard in honor and inspired by their brother, Robert "Red" McGrath who died suddenly in 2017.

Red's Good Vibes operated out of a warehouse in Greenland for almost a year and they delivered groceries to 80 & 100 families per week to the Seacoast area, the Union Leader report states.  All families need to do is to call (603-312-5045) and let them know how many people in the family and where you would like the food delivered.

You don't have to prove that you are in poverty either.  That's awesome.

They are asking for donations to keep this vibe going and according to their Facebook page, people are really stepping up to help them!  Red's Good Vibe's truck was in Dover this past weekend and they had an amazing day, serving over 100 meals.

Free food.  Free.  Like that commercial - free, free, free ,free, free.  Just to A) help people in need and B) to give people Good Vibes.  I love it!  That's the way to encourage donations!

If you would like to donate to Red's just click here or, if you are a family in need and you live within 30 miles of Portsmouth, just call them at  603-312-5045.  Red's will hook you up!

Man, I love this community!

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