The next time you go to your local Farmer's Market, you need to put kale on your shopping list for a very surprising reason.

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Kale has the best flavor after the cold nights begin to set in. Usually the same time deer will eat apples after a frost, that's when kale tastes the best.

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Here's how I prepare it in October.

Boil it!

The stems do get a little tougher as the year goes along so the best method to soften them up is to boil it until you almost forget that they're on the stove.

If I wasn't so lazy, I'd just remove the stems altogether but that does seem a bit wasteful and it's worth it because of the sweeter flavor.

This stuff is pretty incredible because of how it can survive for weeks in freezing temperatures. We've had fresh picked kale at Thanksgiving before and it is way better than it is in the middle of July!

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