The next time you're feeling a little unhealthy, check this out.

Several New England states are deemed the healthiest, according to, although the framed it as "this is the most unhealthy state."

They based the survey on cost and availability of healthcare, the number of people who engaged in physical activity and how much, who ate their fruits and veggies, what is their BMI.  (body mass index - if you're over 30, you're considered obese) and lastly, how much sleep they got.

The healthiest New England state is Vermont coming in at the healthiest in the Country, which kind of surprises me because, it's the home of Ben & Jerry's ice cream.  That stuff is addicting and truly makes me wanna sit on the couch and do nothing.

Coming in third is Connecticut.  I can attest to the low BMI in Connecticut.  My Mother in Law used to be gym teacher and she's really healthy!  She's in her 80's and can still climb rocks when she comes to visit us here in NH.  As a matter of fact, sometimes, she makes me do sit-ups and run around the house a few times if I get mouthy.

Fifth is Massachusetts probably because every top notch hospital in the world in is Massachusetts, so there's no surprise there.

Coming in at a respectable ninth place, New Hampshire.  We're just all around great and really love our fruits and vegetables.  We are great farmers, so why not eat the fruits of our labor - literally.

What state is the most unhealthy state?  Mississippi.

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