The power of advertising is astonishing considering neither of us have heard the Big Mac jingle in over 20 years. This stunning rendition was completely unplanned.

Sonny and Cher ain't got nothin' on The Shark Morning Show!

For those of you that may not have caught my story on the botched Big Mac order today, here's a quick recap.

I ordered 3 Big Macs and one hamburger (the hamburger was to tide me over on the 5 minute drive back to the station).

I was given 2 Big Macs and 3 hamburgers. I saw that the order was incorrect and the fine folks at McD's cooked me up an extra Big Mac free of charge and let me keep everything else.

Since Sarah is participating in The Townsquare Media Weight Loss Challenge, I had to consume the other 5 sandwiches.

TWO Big Macs = 1,126 Calories

THREE Hamburgers = 750 Calories


According to the googler, I only had 600 calories left for my daily allotment of food intake.

Good thing I went to the gym right after consuming that McMountain of food.

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