There are several states that no longer have a mask mandate.  According to ABC News  Texas, Mississippi, Iowa, Montana and North Dakota have ended their mask mandate.  Also, a new report from says that Connecticut will soon roll-back their COVID-19 restrictions as of March 19th.  So, we wanted to know, if NH ended the statewide mask mandate, what would YOU do?  Here are some of the responses we received:

  • Read a book..... Over a dozen previous studies on the effectiveness of masks. They don’t help and I have yet to find a person who can show me a study that shows masks work, you won’t find one.
  • Wear it until cdc says different and not vote for Governor Sununu again. He has been great so far
  • We need to open everything up. If people want to wear masks, wear them. But mask mandating isn’t necessary in NH.
  • Still wear a mask in public. I’m fully vaccinated but I can still be a carrier and infect others
  • Stay home even more and double mask when out.
  • Jump for joy!
  • Stay home much as possible!!
  • Prepare for a lot of funerals
  • Breathe fresh air again

There were other people that said they would double up on their mask when they went outside for fear of others infecting them.

There was one comment on our page that said,

Live life free
If everyone turned off there goon boxes and social media accounts would there be any of this mass hysteria and lies and socialism communism way pushed on us this is America the land of the free!!!!!!!
I truly can't wait for the day where we no longer have to wear a mask!  But that's just my two cents.

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