A summertime pastime is smooching in the car. I asked my Facebook friends to recall their favorite make-out spot and here are some of the results.

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It is fun going back in time to when you'd pick up your date, and instead of going to the movie (that you told her folks you were going to see), you'd drive to your favorite make out spot.

Below are some of the places my friends on the New Hampshire Seacoast suggested as favorite make-out spots. Being from Durham, many of these spots are close to the Durham, Lee, Madbury area.

I was partial to the parking spots off Rt.1A in Rye near Wallis Sands and the area around Packers Falls in Durham. But as any teenager knows, when the mood hits, any car you're driving immediately turns into an off-road vehicle. So the middle of a field would do just as well.

If you need to spice things up in your relationship, perhaps a drive to one of these spots might result in some steamy windows. Could be just what the doctor ordered.

1. Garrison Hill- Dover

Garrison Hill-Google Maps

2. Hilton Park- Dover

Hilton Park-Google Maps

3. Jackson's Landing-Durham

Jackson Landing-Google Maps

4. Wallis Sands- Rye

Wallis Sands-Google Maps

5. Nubble Light- York

Nubble Light-Google Maps

6. Adam's Point- Durham

Adams Point- Google Maps