The name may be familiar to you, perhaps because you've been there before. Or maybe this is the first time you've heard of Garrison Hill Tower, located off of Central Ave in Dover, New Hampshire. Despite living in the Granite State her whole life, this writer hadn't heard of this spot until she was in high school, so no worries if you didn't know it existed.

This video by New England Explorer shows aerial views of the tower, which stands at 76 feet tall according to the City of Dover.


Here's a photo taken at the top by yours truly.

Megan Murphy, Townsquare Media
Megan Murphy, Townsquare Media

What is the History of Garrison Hill Tower?

The City of Dover website explains that three towers have actually stood on this site. The first one was made of wood and constructed back in 1880 by a man named Harrison Haley. The five-story tower was known as “Haley’s and Ham’s Outlook", and had a telescope at the top for people to view Mount Washington and the Isles of Shoals. A tiny restaurant was situated at the base, and a picnic grove and roller rink were also on the property. Unfortunately, that first tower burned down in 1911.

Two years later, the second tower was constructed, having been commissioned by a woman named Abbey Sawyer in honor of her husband. The structure remained on the hill until 1990, when it was deemed unsafe and taken down. According to, it was in 1994 when today's tower was built, "following 9000 hours of volunteer work." Thankfully, it still stands today for us to enjoy amazing panoramic views, and yes, you can still see Mount Washington and the Isles of Shoals from the top.

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