So, you're having a rough morning, after a very rough night. These are the six top picks for a cure taken from our panel of experienced New Hampshire hangover experts.

Six Picks For New Hampshire's Best Hangover Cure!

As your home for New England Patriots Football, Sarah mentioned that powdered electrolytes feature prominently in the dietary intake of none other than Tom Brady.

After looking at his celebration at the Tampa Bay 'Championship Boat Parade', I'm sure that a good deal of that magical powder was stirred into whatever 'recovery smoothie' he prepared the next day.

Whenever I'm in Las Vegas, the first stop I make is to the convenience store to pick up at least two gallons of sports drink. I've never noticed a difference in effectiveness in brands or that if 'fruit punch' flavor works better than orange or lemon lime.

It certainly is my 'go to' for medicinal purposes after a long night at the roulette wheel.

I'd like to send a shout out to Patrick who called in with a suggestion that I wholeheartedly agree with, even though it's not that exciting.


The quickest way that I've ever recovered from a bad hangover, is walking long distances, at my own pace.

Several times at Halloween I've been driven home by family or friends and the next morning, I'll walk all the way back to wherever my car was parked.

This cure comes with a 3 mile maximum.

Anything more than that and I'm back to the sports drinks and promising myself I'll never do this again.

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