Color me disappointed.

The Stratham Fair is not happening for the 2nd year in a row due to the pandemic, according to WMUR. 

There are no details on the Stratham Fair website, and the WMUR report says it's because of the pandemic, but that doesn't make sense to me. Even if they had reduced capacity, it seems to me that they could have the fair this year.

I have another idea of why they may have cancelled.

Could it be that they could not find staffing for the fair?  Everyone is looking for help, right?  I wonder if that was a factor?

I don't know what the pay is for the workers of the fair, but with everyone looking for help and salaries going way up, I wonder if they just didn't have the people.  I would think however, if that was a factor, that they have time to find people.

I did see a comment on Facebook that said the planning of the fair begins right after it ends.  There is speculation that there was no way that they could get commitments from vendors in 2020, so they had to cancel again this year.  Okay, that makes sense to me.  Color me less angry and disappointed.

The Stratham Fair is my favorite.  It's right around my birthday, so I love to go as part of my celebration.  I ride the rides, eat really yummy fair food and pet beautiful animals.  Last year, I totally understood why it had to be cancelled, but this year?  I am perplexed.

This year, I guess I'll just have to make my own damn funnel cake.

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