The ultimate 'gulp' moment happened for one married man, but he was able to get his wedding ring back thanks to a plea on social media.

Wallet, keys, cell phone. This is the daily pat down before leaving the house. If one is missing, there's the instant mini panic to secure everything before leaving. Usually, within a minute or two, all three are accounted for, and you can go about the day. This is minor compared to missing something like a wedding ring. That's real panic! 

On November 21st, Bill Giguere lost the wedding ring he had been wearing for three years on the Hancock Loop Trail. He then took to a Facebook group 'Hike the 4000 footers of NH' to explain his loss, and for those on the loop to keep a lookout. In the comments section, fellow hikers wished him well and expressed hope in finding it. Giguere mentioned he believed he lost the ring when switching out gloves near the North peak.

...and then someone actually found it!

Using a metal detector, hiker Thomas Gatley and his hiking partner Brendan Cheever took a stab at locating it, and it turns out they did. WMUR News 9 reported Cheever exclaimed “It beeped and he’s, like, ‘I think I found it,’ and everybody’s, like, ‘What?’ and he just started scratching in the snow. There it was!”

Tuesday night they met in Massachusetts, where Giguere and his ring were reunited. He noted the ring might sit out the next hike. Ya think?!

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