Some residents of Cape Cod expressed their outrage over some merchandise being sold at local Christmas Tree Shops and have made their voices heard, as the company has pulled the 'offensive' products from their shelves.

According to a report in the Cape Cod Times, some residents on the Cape were angered when some Christmas Tree Shops began selling shark-related items that some say mocked shark attacks on humans. Some area residents deemed the products 'offensive.'

In response, Bed Bath & Beyond, which is the parent company of the Christmas Tree Shops decided to remove all the merchandise in question for all of the Cape Cod locations of the Christmas Tree Shops.

'We have removed these items from the Cape locations. It is never our intention to offend customers by our merchandise assortment.'

The stores had begun selling items such as notebooks, t- shirts and kitchen towels that had printing and graphics related to sharks in the area during the summer months. (to see photos of the items, head to

Two shark attacks occurred last year on the Cape, one month apart from each other. One of those attacks proved to be fatal.

Christmas Tree Shops has five stores on the Cape.

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