I've always wanted to try a Chicago style hot dog and during a layover in The Windy City, I finally made it happen. Please do not read any further as I get quite frank. (Get it? Frank further?)

Train Images
Train Images

This is a loaded Chicago style char dog from Gold Coast Dogs at Chicago Midway International.

I don't think my photo does it justice because I'm pretty sure you can hide two of our New England style hot dogs inside this thing.

The toppings include tomatoes, onions, bright green relish that almost glows in the dark, a gigantic pickle wedge, mustard and celery salt.

There are also two 'Sport Peppers' which just might be my new favorite topping in the history of food. They're slightly less intense than a pepperoncini but have a much better consistency.

If I had to have this over again, I'd ask for a triple order of 'Sport Peppers'. If they were 5 bucks a piece, I'd get a hundred dollars worth. So good.

The best part was, having this awesome char dog with a 16 ounce drink cost LESS than a candy bar and water at the Vegas airport. Sweet Home Chicago indeed!

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