A-Train and I talked to UFC fighter, Devin Powell not too long ago and we wished him the best with his upcoming fight with Alvero Herrara in Canada.  I had a gut feeling that this guy would win, but I didn't know HE REALLY WOULD!  This is just one of the Facebook posts that I found all over the internet.



Wing Itz in Dover had all the TV's on in the place and when he took that fight, the whole place erupted!

According to this video from MMA fighting.com, the winning kick from Devin went to his opponents liver and once you hit the liver, as Devin said during our interview, Good Night, Irene.

Devin has a beautiful wife and daughter and from what I could see, he does everything 100% - training for a fight, being a husband and being a great Dad.

We are very proud of him and can't wait to see his next fight!

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