There's no way I could last 10 minutes in The Octogon® with UFC Fighter Devin Powell (not even 10 seconds) but Sarah and I interviewed him for that amount of time and it flew by faster than my reverse choke hold tap out.

Around 8 minutes into the full interview, Mr. Powell expresses his clever theory on how to prevent bullying. Learning martial arts gives the bullied child a sense of confidence and THAT prevents further harassment. The kids are trained to use these fighting methods ONLY as a last resort.

Devin will be taking on Alvaro Herrera this Saturday in Calgary.

You'll be able to watch him on UFC on Fox as part of a 13 Match Card.

This video is exactly the context I was looking for as it really doesn't appear that much pressure is being applied to our respective necks and/or throats. Let me make this as clear as possible, THERE IS A TON OF PRESSURE BEING APPLIED.

Seriously, I'd have paid a billion million dollars for him to let me out of that choke and it only lasted a half second.

(Both Sarah and I were not injured in the filming of this Instagram)

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