Day 1 of Shark Week at the Wentworth by the Sea Marina:

IMG_3776 (1)

Lots of shark sightings, but it was Shawn the Shark in the Sheraton Shark Suit, not any REAL Sharks.  We did see a lot of seagulls and fishermen, but no sharks.  So far, the Seacoast of NH is safe!

There is a ton of marine life off the Coast of NH and here are 5 types that you may see if you keep your eyes peeled.

According to the Seacoast Science Center, there are FOUR types of SEALS that are here in New England and the most surprising comes in a number 5.

1.  Harbor Seal:  Harbor seals are the most common species seen in New Hampshire and they stay year round.

2.  Gray Seal:    Gray seals are also seen in New Hampshire year-round. They are sometimes referred to as "horseheads."

3.  Hooded Seal:  Hooded seals are only seen in New Hampshire during the winter months and are more aggressive than other seals.  It's no wonder.  You have to be tough to survive a New England Winter.

4.  Harp Seal:  Harp seals are also ice seals and are typically only seen in New Hampshire during the winter.

Number 5 is gonna blow you away....

Atlantic White-Sided Dolphin:  Maybe it's just me, but did you know that dolphins live in New England waters year round?  I did not.  They can grow to be 8.5 feet and weigh up to 500 pounds.

4 more days of Shark Week, but this girl's gonna be looking for a DOLPHIN!!






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