Our Boston Sports Insider Tom Caron gave us a very detailed countdown to when Red Sox ace pitcher Chris Sale will make his long awaited return!

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'After two more minor league starts. That gives us Sunday in Portland and five days after that is next Friday.


So that would bring you to Wednesday of that next week, so August 4th.


Maybe they'll give him an extra day of rest but I think that's what we're looking at right now.'


- Tom Caron with a precise prediction of Chris Sale's return to Boston

I admit, I have been badgering 'New England's Most Popular Sports Personality' pretty intensely over the past couple of months, but his knowledge is such a valuable resource that I can't help myself.

When most people in the sports world make predictions or give you any kind of 'inside scoop' the end result is usually laughable.

TC's first response on the subject of Chris Sale's return was 'probably the last week of July and not much later'. This was his assessment back in May. He hit the mark within about a 72 hour window. So cool!

I have to learn to be patient and not keep asking because it gives the impression that I don't trust the information, but I assure you that the opposite is true. The closer we get to his return, the more likely TC's analysis will bring it right to the exact minute.

I just can't pass that opportunity up!

The race to win the American League East over Tampa Bay has been tight all year and the return of Chris Sale to the top of the rotation will be such a great boost down the stretch!

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