For decades, Story Land amusement park in Glen, New Hampshire has been "where fantasy lives".  Located in a quiet part of the White Mountains, the park has been welcoming guests from all over New England (and the world) for about 70 years!

Because of where the park is located, and the fact that it is really geared toward families with younger children, it has always felt like a really chill place to me.

That's one of the reason that, when I first heard about this new policy, it came as a little bit of a shock to me.  However, I guess it is just a sign of the times and it is better to put safety first.

New for the 2023 season, all guests are going to have to go through a screening process at the entrance to the park!  Yes, just like getting on a plane or entering many large sports venues!

The park's website goes on to say:

New for 2023, Story Land is enhancing our security standards and all bags, coolers and stroller/wagons will go through a security screening at the front of the park prior to entering. To reduce wait times into the park, we ask you bring only necessary items in a bag no larger than 15” x 15” x 15”

The post on the website also goes on to say that, if a person needs a larger bag for childcare items, those will be allowed into the park.

Additionally, you will still be able to get a stamp on your hand so you can leave the park (and return later in the day), but you will need to go through the search process when you return.

Of course, no alcohol, illegal drugs, or weapons will be allowed into the park.  Duh!

Cooper Fox
Cooper Fox

Over the last few years, the park has made several bigger changes to its policies.  Just last year, they made the announcement that they would be going CASH LESS.  As of the 2022 season, the park only accepted credit / debit cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

However, if you show up to the park with only cash, you're still all set.  They have these cool cash to card kiosks where you can change cash to a card that can be used throughout the park.  If you have money left on the card, you can use it wherever credit cards are accepted (like the nearby Red Fox or Red Parka Pub).

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