Some (me) have declared New Hampshire to be Florida of the North.

We had a man try to rob a bank dressed as a tree. An entire town locked down for two weeks when somebody saw a monkey. And no, I’m not talking about the Granite State woman who recently captured Bigfoot on camera.

But this is a new…well, “high.” On the Facebook Group, Live Free or Die603BORN, a user posted this photo:

Live Free or DieBORN603 via Facebook
Live Free or DieBORN603 via Facebook

Yes, that is a man is walking a lobster on a leash. And while I’m fairly certain that’s actually Maine’s state flag, the caption simply says: “Meanwhile in New Hampshire.”

That’s all the information that we were given and, dare I say, need.

It’s hardly the strangest instance of pet-walking in New England over the past few months. A man in Massachusetts was seen walking what appeared to be his pet squirrel. Meanwhile, another was spotted walking – wait for it – a robot.

But as an advocate for pet safety, I feel I should contribute something aside from ridicule.

Here are Eight Great Questions to Ask Yourself Before Walking Your Pet Lobster:

  • Why am I walking my pet lobster?
  • Why do I have a pet lobster?
  • Will this make my pet eel jealous?
  • Should I get my lobster chipped in case he gets loose and runs off?
  • Should I get invisible fencing so my lobster can play in the yard?
  • Should I put my pet lobster’s name on his collar, so he doesn’t get mixed up with someone else’s pet lobster?
  • Isn’t “walking the lobster” what got Louis CK in trouble?
  • Should I bring a lobster bib for the dog that winds up eating my pet lobster?

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