If you were sitting in the sun for 30 years, you'd need a new paint job too.  Longfellow the Dragon, one of the iconic characters you'll see at Story Land in Glen, New Hampshire, got a fresh coat of paint for the 2024 season (the amusement park's 70th anniversary).

Longfellow Dragon has been in the park for a long, long time. 30 years, to be exact.  The sun beats down on him, and although he doesn't mind being in the sunshine, his paint faded over time and had a few cracks and chips here and there.  So the gentle staff at Story Land took time to freshen him up!  He is feeling and looking great, and is looking forward to Opening Day.

Story Land has endless attractions like water slides, princesses in full gowns walking around the park, roller coasters, dinosaurs, swan boats, and carnival games.  It's really fun to just walk around the park (and people watch too).

New for the 2024 at Story Land in New Hampshire

Story Lane is celebrating their 70-year anniversary with a new Cow-Themed water play area called MOO LAGOON.  This area is perfect for toddlers through pre-teens.

Best Recommendations:  

For Toddlers:  The Little Dreamers Nursery Rhyme Play Area, complete with Mother Goose!  Or if the toddlers get hot, you can always take them inside to their "other" attraction: the Living Shores Aquarium right next door.

For older kids and pre-teensBamboo Chutes water ride.  This is fun for teenagers and adults too, if you want a less intense ride.

For the Teenagers:  The Roar-O-Saurus Coaster.  It's a wooden roller coaster that will keep them occupied for a long time.  Sometimes, depending on when you go, the lines are long, so that will take up time.  They'll meet other kids in line too.

For the Adults:  Bring your inner child with you, adults.  Have fun, and don't worry about your hair, makeup, or work (please don't worry about work), because you won't get this time back with your kids.

Opening day is May 25, 2024.

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