It could be happening to me right now and I'd never have a clue. According to WGME-13, several people were victimized in Kennebunkport just last week.

credit card data security

According to this report, two men would take credit card offers right out of mailboxes, apply for the cards using their own names and then monitor the same mailboxes and grab the credit cards when they were eventually delivered.

Just when I thought I had enough to worry about.

My mailbox is all of three feet from the sidewalk, was original to the house (built in 1890) and it doesn't even have a lid. (It must have been donated for a scrap drive during World War II)

Between 90 and 95% of my mail is not only credit card applications, but credit loan companies that send me gigantic checks with even more gigantic sums on them.

The last thing I need is to have this happen and be on the hook for 50 Gees.

The authorities are urging people in the Kennebunkport area to watch their online credit statements diligently and to contact the Police and any credit card companies immediately once something suspicious is seen.

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